Gambling In The Future

Gambling In The Future

The gambling industry is constantly being reinvented to give players what they are looking for in their casino entertainment. The latest craze in the industry is augmented reality thanks, in part, to the Pokemon Go game sweeping the nation.

Due to the current popularity of this game among young people it is possible that in the future, eSports betting sites will begin offering their members opportunities to place bids on the game. Currently, the question of whether or not Pokemon Go could be a skill based game is still being debated.

An increasing number of millennials are embracing the place that augmented reality has found in the world of gambling. Augmented reality is one step up from virtual reality and is changing how the younger generation gambles. It is easier to access and use than virtual reality, which is one reason that it has become popular. If Pokemon Go continues to make it even more popular it is possible that in the future many other games could be created in the same vein. These games have the potential to change land based and even online casinos.

Millennials are flocking to games as casinos in New Jersey and Nevada have overhauled certain laws so that variable payouts are permitted in casino games. This will enable casinos to add games that combine elements of slot machine and video games, something millennials strongly desire. In the past any game machine in a casino was required to be programmed so that every gambler has an equal chance of winning. With the allowance of variable payouts more skilled gamblers will have a better chance of winning money than their peers who aren’t as skilled.

Everyday advances are being made that will continue to make casino games more desirable to millennials. In fact, at the 2016 International Casino Expo, slot machine game manufacturer NetEnt conducted a presentation showing the future of slot machines. They demonstrated a player wearing a VR helmet and entering the world of the Jack and the Beanstalk video slot machine game.

Not be outdone, Microgaming demonstrated a Leap Motion hand tracking system and Oculus VR DK2 headset that allows gamblers to enjoy a virtual reality roulette game, including its virtual robot croupier.

Augmented and virtual realities are becoming such a significant part of the gambling industry that on their own, it is predicted that by 2020 both types of realities will form a billion dollar business. Many tech companies are developing or have already developed their own virtual reality headsets that will work in conjunction with brand name video game consoles. It has been said that virtual and augmented reality will further its market potential by being fully developed for online gaming and mobile apps that can be played for free.

Even sports games will be viewed differently in the future thanks to new VR setups that will allow fans to watch games in ways that weren’t possible before. This speaks to how powerful virtual reality is becoming.