Gambling In The Future

Gambling In The Future

The gambling industry is constantly being reinvented to give players what they are looking for in their casino entertainment. The latest craze in the industry is augmented reality thanks, in part, to the Pokemon Go game sweeping the nation.

Due to the current popularity of this game among young people it is possible that in the future, eSports betting sites will begin offering their members opportunities to place bids on the game. Currently, the question of whether or not Pokemon Go could be a skill based game is still being debated.

An increasing number of millennials are embracing the place that augmented reality has found in the world of gambling. Augmented reality is one step up from virtual reality and is changing how the younger generation gambles. It is easier to access and use than virtual reality, which is one reason that it has become popular. If Pokemon Go continues to make it even more popular it is possible that in the future many other games could be created in the same vein. These games have the potential to change land based and even online casinos.

Millennials are flocking to games as casinos in New Jersey and Nevada have overhauled certain laws so that variable payouts are permitted in casino games. This will enable casinos to add games that combine elements of slot machine and video games, something millennials strongly desire. In the past any game machine in a casino was required to be programmed so that every gambler has an equal chance of winning. With the allowance of variable payouts more skilled gamblers will have a better chance of winning money than their peers who aren’t as skilled.

Everyday advances are being made that will continue to make casino games more desirable to millennials. In fact, at the 2016 International Casino Expo, slot machine game manufacturer NetEnt conducted a presentation showing the future of slot machines. They demonstrated a player wearing a VR helmet and entering the world of the Jack and the Beanstalk video slot machine game.

Not be outdone, Microgaming demonstrated a Leap Motion hand tracking system and Oculus VR DK2 headset that allows gamblers to enjoy a virtual reality roulette game, including its virtual robot croupier.

Augmented and virtual realities are becoming such a significant part of the gambling industry that on their own, it is predicted that by 2020 both types of realities will form a billion dollar business. Many tech companies are developing or have already developed their own virtual reality headsets that will work in conjunction with brand name video game consoles. It has been said that virtual and augmented reality will further its market potential by being fully developed for online gaming and mobile apps that can be played for free.

Even sports games will be viewed differently in the future thanks to new VR setups that will allow fans to watch games in ways that weren’t possible before. This speaks to how powerful virtual reality is becoming.

Popular San Juan Casino Hotels

Popular San Juan Casino Hotels

Many of San Juan’s casino hotels are popular among gamblers. Each one has different things to offer and all of them are high in entertainment value. Some of the most popular casino hotels have even frequented by celebrities.

The El San Juan Hotel & Casino is one that the Rat Pack often stayed at. In addition to a spacious lounge, bar and lobby, it boasts a 13,000 square foot casino with 300 slot machines. It also has Carribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack and Baccarat.

As large as the San Juan Hotel Casino floor is, the casino floor at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino is larger at 20,000 square feet. Casino Metro boasts 16 table games as well as close to 450 slot machines. The casino has a member loyalty program that allows players to earn comp points they can use. Visitors to the casino can play games such as Three Card and Pai Gow poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

For an experience similar to that of a Las Vegas Casino, visitors to San Juan often stay and play at the Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino. The casino floor is more than 12,000 square feet. This allows room for more than 400 slot machines as well as table games such as roulette, craps and blackjack. It also has the distinction of being one of a few San Juan casinos to offer Texas Hold Em Poker, the most popular version of the game in casinos all over the world.

The Ritz-Carlton San Juan Hotel, Spa & Casino is based on Monte Carlo when it comes to the décor of the casino. With more than 300 slot machines as well as Carribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack and Roulette there is always something to entertain visitors. Cigar smokers that wish to take a break from gambling often flock to the onsite cigar maker to obtain their very own hand rolled cigar.

The Marriot San Juan Resort & Stellaris Casino is popular among both locals and tourists. The casino floor is 12,000 feet and has a variety of slot machines as well as Carribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack, Craps and Roulette. The décor of the casino is typical of Classical European casinos in Puerto Rico.

The Sheraton Old San Juan is the city’s largest hotel and the only one in Old San Juan that has a casino. The majority of the casino floor is filled with more than 300 slot machines, though there are also a few table games such as Carribbean Stud and Three Card Poker, as well as Roulette and Blackjack. The main attraction of this casino is that it is in an excellent location in a beautiful setting.

These hotel casinos throughout San Juan are all places that visitors can go to enjoy their gambling experience. Most of the hotel casinos mentioned above also offer high quality restaurants and other entertainment events such as live music performances and themed nights at the various bars and nightclubs.

Gambling In Macau

Gambling In Macau

If you are planning a gambling trip to Macau, you’re in for a great time. Whether you plan to focus on just one casino, or if you are going to hit the whole city, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. Even if you are an experienced gambler with cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, you are going to find that there several elements to Macau which serve to make it a good deal different from anything you have experienced in the past.

This is an electrifying city, to be sure. Strictly in terms of gambling at the casino (or casinos) of your choice, you are in for a memorable experience. Keeping a few simple things in mind will go a long way towards ensuring you have the best time possible.

Basic Tips For Gambling In Macau

You’re going to have a great time in this city. You simply need to remember a few key things:

• Check out the Venetian: For a lot of people, the Venetian is THE gambling destination for Macau. The gaming experience includes machines and tables as far as the eye can see, set against one of the most luxurious backdrops to be found anywhere. This casino also features a massive shopping mall.

• Drinking: Unlike Vegas or Atlantic City, this metropolis doesn’t serve alcohol on the gaming floor. In other words, if you want to have a few spirits before you settle in to play, you’re going to want to take care of that beforehand.

• Don’t take pictures: Regardless of the casino you choose, you are going to want to be aware of the extremely strict policy most establishments have regarding photography. In other words, you might get away with it, but it’s generally not going to be worth the hassle.

• Where’s the strip? Vegas veterans are used to the magnificence that is the Las Vegas strip. However, in Macau, you won’t find anything comparable. In terms of making sure you are near the best casinos, you will want to keep yourself centralized to Cotai. Any casino you might consider is going to be located in that part of the city.

• Understand the atmosphere: While Macau is an extraordinary city, with gambling and so much more, the atmosphere is considerably different than that of Las Vegas. This is a place for business people and families, not so much for those eager to go wild on the neon streets of a city that never sleeps.

Gambling In Georgia

Gambling In Georgia

Of all the states that have legalized gambling, Georgia is not one of them. Even standard land based casinos are not permitted by state law. Native American casinos and private casinos are not permitted either. This leaves residents of Georgia confined to gambling on a cruise ship or on the Internet. When people gamble on a cruise ship from Georgia they have to pay to get into the casino and can only gamble according to a set schedule that dictates when it is allowed. Otherwise, the only gambling that is legally permitted is the state run lottery and any Bingo game played for charity.

It may not be permitted by law, but gambling is nothing new to the state of Georgia. Gambling has taken place in Georgia as far back as the 1800s. Even back them some wanted to ban gambling, but it was such a significant part of society that it wasn’t able to be banned. During this time, it was not unheard of for officers of the law to accept bribe money to turn the other cheek when they spotted gambling activity. A newspaper editor named Thomas Lee Bailey was a gambling control advocate and even pressured the state to create laws in which gamblers would be prosecuted. This set Georgia up to become the anti-gambling state it has been ever since.

In the year 2000, South Carolina declared it illegal for its residents to play video poker. As a result, video poker machines were relocated to Georgia. The hosts of each video poker machine brought into the state circumnavigated the laws to pay out real money to video poker winners. This continued until 2002 when the government caught wind of it and outlawed all video poker machines.

There are no plans to legalize online gambling in Georgia, leaving residents of the state who do want to gamble to do so with a foreign casino.

Every few years there are those who fight to legalize gambling in Georgia. Atlanta’s City Council backed a 2009 proposal for video slot machines designed to dispense scratch off lottery tickets. The proposal was shot down and the next one wasn’t made until 2012. Casino gambling was to be put on the ballot in the state’s next election. The almost equal division of registered voters that opposed it and those who didn’t caused the Governor of Georgia to drop the idea all together. Even bills proposed to allow Georgia residents to gamble on horses were stopped by state legislators.

Between the times these two proposals were considered the state closed local Internet Cafes in 2011 because café patrons were using the Internet to gamble on Poker games. Since then Georgia has continued to remain adamant about not allowing any gambling, online or offline.

Georgia officials don’t seem to be concerned with the amount of revenue online and land based gambling could potentially bring them. Legislators have consistently stopped any attempts at legalizing gambling in any way that they possibly can.

Tips for Choosing an Online Casino Bonus

Tips for Choosing an Online Casino Bonus

An online casino’s promotions department consists of an entire team, with a sole purpose of creating successful relationships between the player and casino. Often times promotions are what prompt a player to sign up at a casino and are even the reason that some casinos have higher retention rates than others. Promotions are seen as perks to players in many different ways, but for some the promotions end up hurting more than they help. Below we will run through the different types of promotions and let you decide whats right for you.

One of the things to take note of when accepting an online casino bonus code is the play through requirement. Play through requirements put into place to keep the playing field level, some casinos take the requirements to the extreme, making the bonus sound really great only to find out that the player needs to wager the money many more times to actually cash-out their winnings. Play through requirements can be found on just about every single bonus, and while some are really great deals, others may have a very large play through you must meet before cashing out. For this reason it is important to read the terms of every bonus and make sure you understand them fully before you accept.

Below you will find the various bonus types along with tips for choosing the best one for you:

No Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is occasionally found in online casinos, but it is generally for a small amount of money just to enough to give a few games a try, but being free, this is one of the best online casino bonuses available if you are looking to “try before you buy”.

Who it appeals to: Players who are new to online casinos or that particular casino.

Why: The amount of money is usually between $5-$20. This type of bonus gives players the opportunity to check out how the online casino works.

Welcome Bonuses

Usually only available on the first few deposits, a player will have this promotion available to them to use on slots or table games. They are usually a deposit match bonus, meaning the casino will match whatever you deposit up to 100% of your initial deposit, sometimes even more.

Who it appeals to: Players who want to increase their bank roll when playing at a new casino.

Why: This greatly increases the players playing time and gives player even more playing power.

Reload Bonuses

Much similar to welcome bonuses, players will be able to take advantage of these promotions several times per month, sometimes being offered weekly. These bonuses are a set percentage which the casino will match up to a certain amount of money.

Who it appeals to: Those who want to increase the amount they are playing with. Sometimes these promotions also offer free spins, allowing the casino to showcase new slot games.

Why: Often times players want to play with a large bank roll but don’t want to deposit as much, so with this extra push, they can spend more time playing online.

While each of these promotions may sound attractive, all of them will have play through requirements which are set by each individual casino. Therefore it is always recommended that the player read through what the requirement is before accepting each bonus. This way, players can play with confidence, making the entire experience enjoyable.

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The Ways In Which Online Gambling Is Dangerous

The Ways In Which Online Gambling Is Dangerous

As fun as online gambling can be, there are many ways in which it is dangerous. The dangers of online gambling are touted by proponents of it.

One of the biggest dangers of online gambling is that it is not as secure as some people would like it to be. The reason for this is that no government regulations the operations of online casinos and some use this as an excuse to get away with illegal or immoral actions. Hackers often attack online casinos in an attempt to obtain credit card and bank account numbers for people all over the world. The less reliable online casinos themselves are not opposed to the idea of cheating their players out of winnings.

Some online casinos that offer poker games take advantage of the ability of “poker bots” to go up against human players and beat them every time. Poker bots are automated and are often used by online casinos to cause players to increase their bets where they wouldn’t if they were playing against a human. Since a poker bot can be programmed to win however often a casino wants, players unwittingly bet their money having no chance of winning it back.

The problem is that the majority of online casinos are based outside of the U.S. and the areas they are based in do not always have access to the necessary technology to make gambling at an online casino a safe experience. This often results in gamblers not being able to claim their winnings from an online casino.

Another way in which online casinos are dangerous is that people with a gambling problem can easily access them. Many people who have become addicted to gambling have switched to online casinos so they can gamble without the people around them knowing it, including friends and family. This makes it harder for counselors to diagnose people with a gambling addiction and treat them for it.

Games such as online poker have begun to attract college students because they see it as a trendy way to get more money without having to work for it. This also leads to those under the legal gambling age being able to gamble anyway. These people often use the credit card of a parent or older sibling to deposit into an online casino account.

Being able to deposit money from a credit card or bank account without being able to see the physical money in front of them can be a problem for gamblers of all ages. For this reason, it is easier to bet more money than one normally would.

As a result, many online gamblers have gotten themselves into debt that they do not have the means of paying off. Those who find themselves in this position may stoop to stealing or lying in order to survive, which spikes a rise in crimes. In extreme cases some gamblers have killed themselves over the amount of debt they accumulated.

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Five Steps To Beating The Odds In Las Vegas

Five Steps To Beating The Odds In Las Vegas

Everybody wants to be the one to beat the odds in Las Vegas. Not everyone manages to achieve this because not everyone knows how. Here are the five steps to beating the odds on your Las Vegas vacation.

The first step is to thoroughly learn the game of poker. It is one of the few table games in Las Vegas where gamblers are competing against each other as opposed to the casino itself. Developing excellent poker skills is recommended before visiting Las Vegas.

Step two is to stick to the slot machine games with the highest denominations. Most slot machines in Las Vegas offer a 94% payback. Dollar slots are always the best choice because they are the slots that come with the lowest house edge. This is crucial to being able to beat the odds on a slot machine game.

Step three is to avoid specific table games offered at the casino. Roulette is the table game that gamblers have the worst odds of winning at. The minimum house edge on a game of Roulette is 5% and gamblers are not able to beat this. Gamblers looking to truly beat the odds in Las Vegas will not even approach a roulette wheel. However, Roulette is not the only casino game with a high house edge for the casino. The other table games that fall into this category are Let it Ride and Caribbean Stud Poker.

The fourth step to successfully beating the odds in Las Vegas is to spend time playing Blackjack. Players who take the time to think through the decisions they make in the game will face a house edge of under 2%, which provides them with better odds of winning than they would ever have otherwise. Blackjack should be learned and practiced as thoroughly as poker before playing it in Las Vegas. There are certain rules of the game that players must learn and stick to in order to beat the odds. For a cheat sheet, players often purchase a laminated card that lists all the rules of Blackjack that must be followed in order to maximize success.

The fifth and final step in beating the Las Vegas odds is to play Craps. Though players often have difficulty learning this game, it is one worth learning because the house edge is as low as the Blackjack house edge is. The most successful Craps players avoid placing an inside bet during the game.

Though casinos don’t want gamblers to beat the odds they realize that this can and will happen on a daily basis. Avoiding distractions during any game is one of the best ways to gamble successfully. Players that are easily distracted or confused often become targets for more experienced players and lose significantly more money than they can afford to.

Beating the odds in Las Vegas is possible for gamblers who know which games to play and how to play them in order to maximize winnings.

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Etiquette For Gambling Online

Etiquette For Gambling Online

Gambling online is much different than gambling in a land based casino. There are still certain levels of etiquette that you will want to familiarize yourself with before beginning to gamble online.

Online gambling is regulated in many countries. Some countries don’t allow online gambling while the one’s that do are generally very strict about it. The place where a player’s IP address originates from determines whether or not they can gamble at a particular online casino. Research the legislation that applies to you so you know what you are getting into, otherwise you are wasting your time and the casino’s time.

Another important piece of etiquette for gambling online is to give other players in your game a heads up if you will be away from your computer. Online casinos offer a feature in their table games where players can click a “sit out” button to take a break from the game for any reason. Failure to use this button is inconsiderate and disrespectful of the other players in the game. Online casinos frown upon this and you may find yourself temporarily or even permanently banned as a result.

Many people enjoy the social aspect of online gambling by chatting with other players in a casino’s game rooms. The same manners that would apply to a real life conversation apply to one between online gamblers as well. Etiquette states that winning money does not make it alright to rub your win in the faces of the players who lost money. On the other end of the spectrum no one likes a sore loser either. Berating a player that won money when you didn’t will only serve to get you blacklisted at many online casinos.

Though everyone wants to win, gamblers realize that after every casino game played, people have lost money. Gambling online with the expectation that you will win is considered to be bad etiquette. Playing with an open mind is the best way for you and those around you to enjoy the experience.

Some online casinos offer gamblers rulebooks and even lessons on virtually every table game they offer. It is best to take advantage of these resources if you are unfamiliar with a particular game. Inexperienced players can often slow the game down because they take too long to decide what their next move will be. You can avoid breaching etiquette by learning and practicing the table game or games of your choice prior to jumping into a real game. Many online casinos will allow you to play their table games for free so that you can practice without running the risk of losing your money simply because you don’t understand the game well enough yet or you haven’t developed an effective strategy for winning.

Following these etiquette rules will lead to a more pleasant gambling experience for yourself and for other players. Gambling online has become a popular pastime and you will find that most players are pleasant to interact with.

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Gambling in Las Vegas

Gambling in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been known to the world as the capital city for gambling. The city is very famous for the numerous luxurious casinos which are all known throughout the world. But these casinos are not equal to each other. Each of them offers different atmosphere and amenities which means they are as different as the people enjoying inside them.

A lot of people think that each casino in Las Vegas offers all kind of games but that isn’t always the case. There are actually some games which can only be found at a particular casino. On the other hand, there are those who assume that the best casinos can only be found at the Strip. But just like before, that isn’t always the case here.

There are actually many casinos worth venturing far off the Strip which can provide you with the best gambling experience. As a matter of fact, two of the best casinos in Las Vegas can be found downtown. In this article, you can find information of the best place in Las Vegas where you can place a bet.

Then first in the list of the best places in Las Vegas to indulge your gambling habits is found at the D Las Vegas. Here you can find one of the two-level casinos in Las Vegas that comes complete with vintage casino upstairs. On the other hand, the Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is famous for offering its guests with the industrial chic setting when gambling. Additionally, the casino also offers a sports book complete with a walk-up window.

Then of course it cannot be denied that the majority of the world-class casinos in Las Vegas can be found along the Strip. One of which is The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas which is known for its floor-to-ceiling glass walls and unbelievably remarkable interior design. It is true that the Cosmopolitan is one of the Strip’s newer casinos but it is definitely one that has quickly become a winner casino to the gambler’s eyes.

The Tropicana is one of Las Vegas’ long standing casinos which have successfully survived wars while many casinos went down as piles of debris. It has undergone major transformation and is now known for featuring 50, 000 square feet of space for gaming excitement where there you can find wide array of table games, over 800 slot machines and a whole lot of gaming fun.

When they say the gambler’s mecca, there is only one casino that is revered as such and that is the MGM Grand Casino. This place is where gaming enthusiasts can find everything they are looking for when it comes to gambling. Under just one roof, gambling enthusiasts are able to enjoy the time of their life with over 2500 slot machines, video pokers, table games like black jack and roulette. Everything that a gambling fan looks is provided by MGM Grand Casino.

When it comes to gambling, Las Vegas is definitely a pioneer. Even until today, the gambling industry of Las Vegas is at its peak and thriving. More than that, casinos continually rise and offer a whole new level of excitement for gambling enthusiasts.

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Gambling Tips and Strategies

Gambling Tips and Strategies

There are different uncertainties when you play a game in casinos. But you really need to gain more profit by hook or by crook. You need to be imbued with many strategies or tips that will help you during your playing and here are some of those that you must know or even get familiar with:

• Know your limitation. You have to know your financial means so that you will be prepared in facing the things that will happen while playing the game. Make the things very easy on your part by deciding on the lost amount you can pay for before you start playing.

After knowing that, you need to have your time limit. Always stick to what you have planned before you begin. If you feel like unsatisfied with your performance, you can play again sometime.

In addition, you have to be familiar with your drinking limit because once you go beyond on what you can that may affect your performance. It is better not to drink in order for you to have more concentration. Thus, once you have all of those, you will have more chance of winning rather than failing the game.

• Get complete value. You have to get complete value from bets (comps or freebies from a casino). Be sure that you are a part of the player’s club because it will be easy for you to have more combs. And make sure that you always use your card in times of playing and you must do that even if you start doing the game for a few minutes.

Getting a complete value can affect your slot play positively. Several slot machines can help you play any kinds of credit. This may be a little bit ambiguous. To help you understand this, all you have to do is to read the information screen to identify how you meet the bonus screen.
There are times that you do not have the ability to play the full credits, however you have to consider weighing your wagers against the bonus screen instead of losing the game’s best part.

• Cameras. These are being utilized in all of the casinos out there because there may be some people who will defraud you. You do not need to worry for that. However, if you are very careless with your important things, cameras cannot fully guarantee you with their safety.

• Know a specific game you want in a casino. There were many players who ignored to know the game first; as a result, they did not have a good performance. If you want to have more chances of winning, you have to be aware with the game you like before playing it. It is just like joining a competition. You joined though you cannot sing.

• Don’t mind the taxman. If you want to enjoy your time while playing in a casino, you do not have to be scared with the taxman. This will lessen your concentration once you always bear in your mind the person.

Therefore, following this comprehensive guide will completely make you ready in playing a game in a casino. Make sure that you will not take the risk because you will have more failures than winnings.

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